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  • Herwiyani Homfray

Opening Ceremony " Fintry Museum"

Working together among 17 local artists from Fintry was a huge pleasure for me

They asked me to help create a sketch / picture which was from 47 historical events in the past 2000 years.

I choose two subjects :

* Old Place of Balgair (1720) & Balgair Fair (1700s ) which is the area where I live now.

Here are the picture I have sketched

* Old Place of Balgair (1720)

* Balgair Fair ( 1700s )

Some images from the opening ceremony :

The opening ceremony was presented by Mr. David Smith and,

Fintry Museum officially was opened by Mr. Hugh Edmond MBE on 21st November 2021.

Some images from the opening ceremony Fintry Museum on 21st November 2021

Mr. Hugh Edmond MBE and Yani Homfray

A special thank you to. Mr. Hugh Edmond, Mr. & Mrs. David Smith, Meg Duckworth, Brenda Ross, Sandy, Katherine Cowtan, Martha Cole and 17 local artist, also other the local volunteers. It has become a vital part of the Village life.

For more information please visit the website :

or Please came to support Fintry Museum at Fintry Sports Centre.


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